I work in oils on board. All my work is inspired by nature. I love to paint flowers, and strive to show their complex shapes and gorgeous textures and colours. I think I would say that colour is what excites me most.

Wildlife is my other love. I try to capture the movement and the essence of the animal. I am very fortunate to have hares, foxes and deer right outside my window, and they give me endless inspiration.

I trained as an artist with my father, Bennett Oates, who was an internationally renowned flower painter. In the first few years of my career I painted wildlife, and exhibited regularly with the Tryon and Moorland Gallery. In 1983 I was elected to the Society of Wildlife artists. Some years ago I decided to concentrate on still life flower painting. My medium is oil on board, which was traditional with the Dutch School of flower painters.

I have exhibited my flower paintings at the Fell Gallery in Singapore and at the Eaton Gallery and Oakham Gallery in London. I moved to Dumfries and Galloway in 2010, but still regularly exhibit both flower and wildlife paintings at the Elford Gallery in Tavistock, near where I used to live. Elford Fine Art