Spot the warbler, 22"x30", £4000.


Hyacinth macaw, 48.5"x36", £15000


 Oysters and champagne, 24"x27", £4900


 Tulips and sunflowers, 34"x44", £4500


The garden, 31.5"x26", £3000


Apple orchard, 23"x28.5", £4000


Reflected willows, 23"x28.5", £4000


Fighting hares, 25.5"x25", £1200


Iris and poppies, 20"x24", at Elford Gallery


Iris Patina, 18"x21", at Elford Gallery


Mother and cub, 18"x23", at Elford Gallery


Seagulls, 18"x20", at Elford Gallery


 Seagulls2, 18"x22", at Elford Gallery


Amaryllis, sold


August hare, sold


Avocet, sold


Bullfinch family, sold


Cedric Morris poppies, sold


Cedric Morris poppy and irises, sold


Clematis Barbara Dibley, sold


Hares, sold


Iris Dangerous Mood, sold


Iris Silk Rim, sold


Mixed flowers, sold


Our flatcoats, not for sale


Red sunflowers, sold


Snowdrops, sold


Sunflowers, sold

Tuscany, not for sale